Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lauren's Make a Wish Party!

I am so excited for Lauren and her family who are going on a dream vacation to Disney World from the Make a Wish Foundation. They are the best family and Lauren has been sick for three years with Seizures. They so deserve this break.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remembering Brady on his Birthday

It has been five years since Brady passed away and every year on his birthday we have some traditions. We always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast with hot chocolate. Brady's Favorites. Then we blow up as many balloons as he would be old. So this year it was 19 balloons and then we let them go in the air while singing happy birthday.

Then we hung out eating cake and ice cream enjoying one another's company. It is nice having family so close. We seriously invited people less than twenty four hours earlier and look how many could come.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jacob’s Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Jacob! We had his favorite breakfast (French toast, fruit, bacon and hot chocolate). Then it was time for the presents. Stephanie and Justin really outdid themselves this year. They had 17 little gifts and each one had a card counting from 1 to 17 with the "Things they like about him". It was so cute and well thought out. It was perfect. If you know Jacob he doesn't show his excitement really easy, but the tootsie rolls from Stephanie and Justin got him a little excited. The Baylor t-shirt and another bag of tootsie rolls got a smile from Mom and Dad. Tootsie rolls are the treat of choice these days. Everything is better with a tootsie roll! Nana and Grandpa came for dinner. Again we had Jacob's favorites (enchilda's, chips, salsa, and fruit).

More Halloween Parties!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


So how often is it that you get home on a Saturday afternoon and nobody has anything that HAS to be done. Granted the boys were supposed to mow and edge, Stephanie had homework to do, so "HAS to be" is used very loosely. I think the only reason the boys initially got into carving pumpkins was to get out of yard work, but it ended up working for everyone.
Stephanie and I had gone up to our neighbors and gotten a little carried away buying pumpkins. We bought about 15 pumpkins. Why?? Who knows, but someone had the idea to carve some of those pumpkins from the porch. We started and just kept on going. It was a fun afternoon and the best pumpkins I think we have ever had.

Jacob definetely won! All night long the trick or treaters commented on the pumpkins and would always ask "who did the 76ers one?" It was pretty impressive and no he did not have a pattern. Here are his creations!

Air Jordan and 76ers!

Justin's Creation!

I don't know who gets credit for the Jazz pumpkin. It was Justins design, but he was too tired to finish so I cleaned and carved it for him.

"T" for Timpview.

Stephanie's Pumpkin!

Here is the 1st half.

This is mine and Stephanie's favorite! It was great. Jacob sat next to us, but thought the whole time we were writing "Trick or Treat". We surprised him, I think.
Showing off not only our pumpkins we were proud of but also the fact that the girls really got into the spirit and dressed up. I wasn't sure if I should be offended because Stephanie dressed up as me in my Drill Team outfit from the old days and thought it was so funny.

This is one of those days that is the best. The whole family just sitting around talking, playing and just having fun. It was AWESOME! I never knew carving pumpkins could be so much fun.

Matthew's Baptism!

My cute nephew Matthew was baptised today! My sister Ali and her husband are most doting parents. There kids are so lucky.

I saw on TV this cute idea to make spiderweb cupcakes for Halloween. I was so excited and then realized I can't take a halloween cupcake to a baptism so we changed it into a CTR. When we went to the grocery store to buy everything Stephanie thought we needed a back up plan. Let's just say she wasn't to confident these would turn out. No way was I getting a back up we would do whatever it took to make these work. Stephanie and I had so much fun creating and making these the night before. We made some for halloween and and some for the baptism. We were so proud of our Martha Stewartness we had to take pictures and show them off. The web and CTR are made of white chocolate.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday’s and Pumpkins!

Happy Birthday Grandpa, Jacob and Matthew!
We celebrated birthdays and carved pumpkins.
It was so much fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


If you haven't been to Cornbelly's, you should.
We were waiting for Allie to get there from work and couldn't pass up the photo opportunities.

Ashley and Stephanie posing for the camera.

YEAH! Allie came and the party began.

The haunted creature. Allie made sure to inform us all that she remembered the last time we went there are no people inside.
NOT true there were plenty.
We got on the hayride and took a lot of time trying to decide how we were going to sit. The bails of hay were soaking wet. After trying to figure out how to sit, luckily a smart guy turned over his bail of hay. GENIUS! I only wish we would have thought of it.

This is getting the instructions for the haunted corn maze. When they inform you when you walk through that coffin you give up all rights to personal space taken away, believe them. They got a little too close for comfort. It was a little disturbing, but scary and I guess that was the point.

Have you ever seen this before? A sandbox of corn.

This is us in the corn maze. Hate to admit it, but we didn't do very well. We had a hard time figuring out the clues and ended up coming out through the entrance. Although we did make a mental note "Don't come to Cornbelly's after it has been raining all day". Tons of MUD!

Duck races! We found out you have a better chance of winning with a duck in your raingutter. Thanks Allie!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Boys Reffing!

Jacob and Justin started refereeing this summer as their job. They love getting paid to watch a sport they love. Most the time everything is great, but sometimes coaches or parents can make it a little miserable. They like it best when Jacob, Justin and Dallas (Warner) all get to ref together.